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Working together with SpaceView, we’re excited to be able to offer:

  • Better visual estimates to help you make more informed decisions 
  • Easily modified previews which allow you to look at multiple options quickly
  • High-Design renders without the need for additional personnel
  • Enhanced self-service options 
CTS prides itself on empowering clients through technology and innovation.  Today we’re unveiling our newest partnership with SpaceView.  We’re extremely excited and proud to be bringing augmented reality software into the field deployment vertical.  CTS has a 3-fold vision for enhancing the way in which we provide services in the field.
Sales visits are an extremely powerful moment when decision makers and product demos are agreed upon, in person.  We see this moment as a means to pull cycles out of the sales process and directly link onsite information with operation’s teams.  By using SpaceView, we can directly forward onsite photos, product catalog and measurements to our staff for immediate budgeting.  We can also use this info to escalate issues in real-time avoiding missed opportunities, reducing time-to-install.
Site Survey’s are another impactful moment that connects onsite expertise with the onsite end-user.  We will be using augmented reality to produce high-design renders we can submit directly to our client without the need for design fees, delays or “lost in translation” issues.  Giving our tech pool the ability to become graphic artists means better quality installations with enhanced information to project teams, in real-time.
It is no surprise that the integration business has become commodity driven.  With each initiative comes smaller budgets and leaner timelines.  In the upcoming weeks, CTS will be offering a virtual site survey allowing end-users to submit site photos and product placements without the need for field dispatch.  When cost and time are severely limited, CTS will leverage augmented reality as a means of pulling critical steps out of the installation process without losing critical information. In these special circumstances, a reduced cost can still produce successful first-run-completion.
We are excited about this partnership and are ready to introduce you to our newest toolset.  Feel free to reach out and request a demo.  We can immediately integrate this offering to any existing or new project.  We hope this helps further engage on our mission to help our client’s keep the promises they make to their end-users.
Tom Roberto | VP, Technology | Core Technology Solutions

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