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Our Mission

We help you keep the promises you’ve made to your customer.  We accomplish this through innovation, technology and trust.  You’ll get a group of people who care about your goals and have a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

Our Offering

We offer everything necessary to rollout or maintain your technology solution.  Core has decades of experiences in field management, information aggregation and modular procedures.

Our Coverage

Coast-to-Coast coverage, blanketing the United States, Canada and Mexico.  We can mobilize 1,000’s of people per week, culminating numerous projects.  Gain economies of scale by working with a partner that has actual relationships.

Our Services


Know before you go. We perform mechanical, electrical, WiFi, cellular and marketing services delivering everything from information packets through heat-maps or signal strength readings.  Save time and money by doing it right the first time.

Kitting & Configuration

Stop spending unnecessary time in the field!  Let us pre-stage and configure your deployment so that it arrives ready-to-go.  We offering everything from PC imaging, network pre-config, cellular activation and CMS preloading.  Don’t miss an opportunity due to sloppy equipment arrival.

Project Management

Our staff is armed with the best geography planning tools to help make smart decisions.  We want to save you money and make the experience insanely great.  We move at the pace you need, not the pace you’re use to.

Rollout Installations

When you need your solution deployed at 100’s or 1000’s of locations quickly, there’s no time to waste!  Don’t miss an opportunity because deadlines seem unreasonable.  Core is a national player with thousands of resources ready-to-go.  We’re also armed with best-in-class tools and procedures.  We succeed when you succeed.  Do amazing things by being everywhere!  Rollouts are what we live for.

Service & Maintenance

Technology breaks.  It’s a reality of life.  Impress your clients with preventative maintenance efforts and a break-fix program that keeps them running despite issues.  We fix, repair, replace and service equipment of all varieties.  Let us dispatch same-day and turn a negative event into a positive experience!  We look at every repair as an opportunity to delight your end-user!

Managed Warehouse

Logistics is hard.  Benefit by someone knowing the business!  We handle everything from receipt of equipment, RMA depot repair, inventory management, asset tracking, freight logistics and overstock storage.  Have the ability to send equipment to site without inventing in staff and facilities…we have you covered!

Technical Assistance Center

As part of every event, Core includes phone triage. We ensure every technician is pre-called, checked into site, checked out of site and collect deliverables in near real-time.  Don’t fear an influx of calls coming your way.  We’ll handle Level I so you can focus on your specialty.  Our phone support is available 24/7 365 day-a-year.  Never be left to support the technicians on your own.

NOC Services

Keeping and eye on your solution is important.  Proactively know when things go down with our NOC services.  We make use of industry standard tools and inexpensive data collection methods to ensure a competitive alternative to traditional Network Operations.  Allow our staff to proactively dispatch and remotely repair your solution so that you can focus on growing accounts, not growing staff.

Electrical Tradesman

Technology doesn’t work without power.  Our competitors ignore electrical services because it’s hard.  We strive to make the difficult a breeze!  Our network of electrical tradesman hold local union cards and are certified to work on all commercial power systems.  Circuit extension, breaker addition, and 3-phase conditioning are some of the services we can include in a rollout or installation program.  Let Core help with the entire project, verse leave you stranded in search of a local electrician.

Responsible Recycling

CTS works with R2 certified providers, nationwide, that guarantee your operation complies with the highest environmental standards.  With years of experience and know-how, CTS specializes in computer and electronic recycling. Have us dispose of obsolete equipment in the most effective way, ensuring proper disposal and asset handling. Our services ensure the entirety of the project is handled, including de-manufacturing and raw material extraction.

Solution Procurement

CTS has a line of solutions that help you get the job done.  Through certified partnerships with some of the largest OEMs in market, we offer a robust selection of creative solutions and technology hardware designed to help you meet the challenges of deployment.  CTS knows that done is better than perfect.  Our offerings work, at a price point that makes sense.

Data Destruction

We recognize the importance of safeguarding your data.  We employ data destruction tactics that involve hard drive sanitation and physical shredding.  We guarantee DoD 5220.22-M wipe techniques that meet or exceed compliancy.  For clients needing an extra level of assurance, we offer environmentally responsible, physical destruction services. Give yourself peace of mind by ensuring your data is permanently wiped from devices before they leave your location.

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