CTS Partners with Formstack for Realtime Data Routing

CTS prides itself in providing first-in-class managed service offerings.  Our promise is to provide transparent partnership in time-critical deployments. Realtime delivery of information can make the difference between success and failure.  CTS is proud to announce we’ve enhanced this offering with our newest partner, Formstack.
We set out to reinvent the methods of which information, pictures and other collateral was packaged, approved and delivered from site. We also insisted on speeding this process up so that details could be seen within moments of the service event completing.   CTS now offers an online form builder that enables clients or CTS staff to create any type of online form, including surveys, installation questionnaires, site completion forms or any other necessary paperwork to ensure events are completed successfully.  Responses can then be integrated into a process that allows our field force to deliver realtime collection of data. The platform allows users to create forms without any programming, software or special skills.  Additionally, CTS maintains its managed service offering by enabling advanced workflow routing to ensure all data is QC’ed, approved and appropriate.
As a result, we’ve been able to tighten the bonds with our field force and offer up a means to deliver information from any web-browser or device.  No apps.  No hefty data rates.  No complication.  Some of the features include:
  • Field validation, certifying correct information and accurate response
  • Electronic signatures, ensuring you receive sign-off immediately
  • File upload, securing imagery and video directly from site
  • Form encryption, allowing for true PCI and HIPPA compliancy 
  • API and advanced workflow, promising automated delivery of your information
Formstack and CTS have created proprietary and customized logic that delivers a tenacious view of the day’s activity.  Our deployment is cloud-based, Salesforce integrated and fully API capable.   CTS’ mission the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.  No other provider of field service management comes close.
We are excited about this deployment and are ready to introduce you to our newest toolset.  Feel free to reach out and request a demo.  We can immediately integrate this offering to any existing or new project.  We hope this helps further engage on our mission to help you keep the promises you’ve made to your clients.
Tom Roberto | CTO | Core Technology Solutions

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